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This website publishes data on the voter turnout and the results of the political and regional elections (Lazio and Lombardy), which will be held on March 4, 2018.

The data are received from municipalities, either directly or through the “prefecturas”, and by Italian consulates abroad, and must not be considered official. The official announcement of the results will be done by the regional and district electoral offices.

The site is divided into 3 sections:

  • Affluenza e risultati (Voter turnout and results)
  • Monitoraggio (Monitoring)
  • Reportistica (Reporting)

Each section indicates 3 variables:

  • Type of election: “Camera” (Chamber of Deputies), “Senato” (Senate of the Republic), “Regionali” (Regional governments)
  • Area: “Italia” (Italy), “Estero” (Overseas or Out-of-The-Country District)
  • Item: “Votanti” (Voters), “Scrutini” (Votes).

Items can be selected by clicking on the relevant buttons at the top of the page and, once clicked, they will turn blue.

1. Voter turnout and results section

In this section the data are published live, according to the different territorial institutional levels concerned (enti), organized in a "tree" structure:

  • - the Italia (Italy) area is divided into region, province and municipality
  • - the Estero (Overseas or Out-of-the-Country) area is divided into district and nation.

Institutions can be selected by clicking on the navigable map on the left of the page or on the drop-down menus below the map, or else by typing the name, or part of it, in the search box above the map.

1.1 Votanti (Voters)

The voter turnout for the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House) and for the Regions is carried out at 3 different times: at 12 midday, at 7.00 p.m. and at 11 p.m. (definitive poll).
For the Senate only one definitive poll is carried out at 11.00 p.m.

The turnout of the Out-of-Country District is provided at the same time as the ballot counting.

The final voter turnout of the previous election is published in the same table of data at the same time as the final poll.
The voter turnout at different times can be found in the Reportistica section.

1.2 Scrutini (Ballot counting)

From 11.00 p.m. on Sunday, March 4, it will be possible to access data on the progress of ballot counting, which will start with the counting of the Senate ballot papers, and will continue with the ballot counting for the Chamber of Deputies . The ballot counting for the regional election will begin at 2.00 p.m. on Monday, 5 March.

The Ballot counting section is also organized in a "tree" structure:

  • For the Senate:
  • Italy
  • District (Region)
  • Multi-member constituency
  • Single-member constituency
  • Constituency/Municipality (municipality or part of it belonging only to the "father" or macro-unit constituency). It is the minimum level of disaggregation of data
  • Overseas or Out-of-the-Country
  • District
  • Nation
  • For the Chamber of Deputies:
  • Italy
  • District
  • Multi-member constituency (indicated by the name of the constituency and progressive number)
  • Single-member constituency
  • Constituency / Municipality (municipality or part of it belonging only to the "father" or macro-unit constituency). It is the minimum level of disaggregation of the data)
  • Abroad
  • District
  • Nation
  • For the Regions:
  • Region
  • District
  • Municipality

Data can be accessed through the double function Risultati/Elenchi (Results/Lists), after having selected the institution as specified in point 1.

1.2.1 Scrutini Camera and Senato (Ballot counting – Chamber of Deputies and Senate of the Republic)

The single-member constituency of the Valle d'Aosta region - where the election system is governed by specific legislation - is excluded from the summary for the Italy area relating to the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

For each selected institution the “Risultati” (Results) table shows:

  • the number of polling stations that have finished the ballot counting out of the total number
  • the number of single-member constituencies where all the polling stations have completed the ballot counting
  • in the line of candidati uninominali (single-member constituency candidates) there are:
    • the name of the single-member constituency candidate (constituency/municipality level and single-member constituency) or the term “candidati uninominali” (nation , district and multi-member constituency) which includes the group of single-member candidates from the list and/or related party coalition;
    • the elected candidate (single-member constituency level), votes and percentages;
    • the single-member constituency seats obtained by the coalition (Italy, district and multi-member constituency level), added as the single-member constituencies close.
  • in the line of the "liste" (lists) (proportional part)
    • the symbol and name of the list, direct votes (at the constituency/municipality level and single-member constituency with open polling stations), electoral figures (at single-member constituency level when polling stations close, the multi-member constituency, district and Italy) and percentages
    • the proportional seats (in definitive results from polling stations, at the multi-member constituency, district and Italy levels)
    • the list of candidates on the list with the indication of the elected representatives (at the multi-member constituency level), by clicking on the name of the list.

The “voti diretti” (direct votes) are those expressed by the voter for the list; “pro-quota” means the number of votes that fall on the list by the votes cast only for the single-member constituency candidate. Adding the direct votes and the pro-quota produces the “cifra elettorale” (electoral number) of the list at the level of single-member constituency, which is calculated when all the results from the polling stations of the single-member constituency are received, and shown in the summaries of the higher level.

1.2.2 Scrutini Regionali (regional votes)

The Risultati table shows, for each selected institution:

  • the number of polling stations from which results have been received out of the total number of stations
  • in the line of the Candidato Presidente
    • the name of the candidate running for President of the Region
    • an indication of whether he/she was elected (at the regional level)
    • votes and percentages;
  • in the line of the "liste" (lists)
    • symbol and denomination of the list, votes and percentages
    • the seats (when results from the polling stations are definitive, in the district and in the region levels)
    • the list of candidates on the list, the preferences and any indication of the elected candidates (at the district level), by clicking on the symbol or on the name of the list;

2. Sezione Monitoraggio (Monitoring Section)

In this section you can view the latest final results received per each institution, as well as the results per each institution when counting is not yet been completed.

3. Sezione Reportistica (Reporting Section)

This section shows the data on voter turnout at different times and other documents and information related to the 2018 elections.
Data on the previous elections can be consulted in the Historical Archive of Elections, which can be accessed from the menu.